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Lifestyle, Character & Charm

Protecting and Improving Naples’ Lifestyle

We need to protect what we have been given.  The most important items are:

  • Protecting our freedoms (avoiding City Mandates for masks, vaccines etc. Many alternatives to keep people safe are available and everyone needs to make their own decisions based on what they believe is in their best interest.)  I will not tell people what they must to do.
  • Water quality issues: emphasis on replacing old sewer and septic infrastructure, improving the stormwater holding and treatment facilities as well as removing phosphorous from our water supply which directly influences red tide and blue-green algae blooms.
  • Our beaches require renourishment and follow-through on removal of the outfall pipes and address The Wall, clean-up Moorings Bay.

Growth Preparedness

Ensure Quality Development that fits Naples

  • We cannot have a No Growth plan because Growth is inevitable. When we take a No Growth position, we do not prepare adequately for projects that happen without proper planning which creates acrimony and problems that could have been avoided. We have a fiscal responsibility to allow redevelopment which increases city revenue while maintaining tax rates.
  • Simultaneously, we need to do a better job preparing for: (a) project impacts, neighbors, traffic, infrastructure needs (b) county growth in the North and East should result in an investment back into the City (the City pays 25% of County Property Taxes opening the discussion to a common plan) and (c) a city limit building height plan with the County should be created considering the difference between the City building limit height of 42’ and the County building height limit of 150’.  A fifteen-story building has been approved near downtown at the intersection of Route 41 and Davis Boulevard.

Support Public Safety

Protection to Ensure a Safe Community

We need to continue to invest in our emergency preparedness and public safety capabilities: police, fire and medical first responders.  Currently, the Police Department is down 13 officers (25% of their headcount) and they are questioning the competitiveness of their compensation, benefits and pension of a city of our size and revenue.